Kate Middleton's new diet revealed

Kate Middleton, 32, is truly one of the classiest and most stunning women of our time. Kate just gave birth to her first son, Prince George, on July 22 of last year, but her fit figure is already back! Prince William's wife is happy with her body, but wants to improve her skin tone - and so she's turning to the latest hot diet trend, which is the raw food diet!

Kate's gorgeous-skin diet consists of completely uncooked foods, according to Daily Mail. Kate is trying out the trendy eating pattern for two reasons! First, to keep her fit frame looking its best - she wants to maintain her athletic figure. Second, to get radiant and glowing skin! While we think Kate already looks absolutely gorgeous, we're all for her trying new eating patterns to see what makes her feel her best.

Kate already has a few favorites from the raw food diet. She's loving ceviche (raw fish served in a bed of juices and spices), gazpacho (a cold soup), watermelon salads and tabbouleh, according to Daily Mail. She's also drinking almond milk! Kate's plan is to stick to this raw-only regime for at least one day a week!

Fans of the raw food diet say it helps achieve fuller hair, more glowing skin and healthier nails. Believers of the raw food revolution say that by NOT cooking food, the vitamins and nutrients stay rich and dense, whereas the "good" parts of food can be zapped out while a dish is cooked. How interesting!

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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