Kate Foley Takes Us On A Tour Of Her London

Formerly a stylist at Vogue Turkey in London, she first ventured to this side of the Atlantic for a buying position at Opening Ceremony more than six years ago. Today, she's a freelance stylist and consultant with a roster of fashion brands and publications as clients around the world. She's a well-traveled pro at this point, but when it comes down to it, she's still a Brit through and through — a cup of Earl Grey every morning (with milk, of course), a penchant for peonies, and an undying love for Marks & Spencer. 

So, when Foley recently traveled back to Notting Hill for a quick trip before visiting her family in Slindon, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see the area through this local's gaze. From a rundown of the best places to eat and shop around the 'hood to the essentials she'd never leave home without — think her signature midi-skirts and her favorite Jimmy Choo shoes — this fashionable Brit shows us a thing or two about exploring London in style. Click ahead, and start mapping out your next trip across the pond.

You do styling work and creative consulting for different brands and publications around the world. How often are you traveling to meet with them?
“I’ve probably been traveling for most of the year. It actually got to the point where it was kind of like, 'Okay, I really want to be home for a bit.' I was in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Paris, Miami, and L.A. — I can’t even remember half of the places. Oh, and England time and time again."

As someone who visits so often, do you have a morning routine when you're here? 
"My favorite breakfast spot is Tom's Kitchen in Chelsea. And, definitely tea in the morning! Either Earl Grey or Lapsang Souchong, which is a really smoky black tea — you either love it or you hate it. And, I always have my tea with milk. When I'm traveling, I'll even carry tea bags in my handbag, like, bags of ginger tea. I normally have it in my handbag for my day-to-day as well.”

Please tell us you've cracked the code to beating jet lag...
"You know, sometimes, being jet-lagged is notan option. I went through lots of red-eye flights, and then not showering and going straight into 

meetings. Just throw yourself into [the scene] so you don’t have time to get jet-lagged.” 

Right, but what about looking jet-lagged? You look, for the record, impossibly awake.  
“A good mix of illuminator and moisturizer, and makeup. I always bring Embryolisse's Lait-Crème Concentré — on the plane, in my bag, everywhere I go. It’s really basic, but it's the best. If I’m feeling really drab, I'll wear red lipstick to attract the attention away from my face."

Your look is so unique — how would you describe your aesthetic? 
“In one word: eclectic. It's a lot of basic shapes and styles. I always find myself wearing midi or long skirts and dresses in different prints — simple and crazy ones. I love to wear beautiful, bright colors, and that says a lot about my accessories. I’ll happily wear a bright blue dress with a yellow bag and add a pink keychain to it."

What about when you're traveling? What's your hitting-the-road staple?
"Black midi-skirts. I just wear one on the plane and then the next day with heels or something different. It’s like my version of jeans. And, I normally steal my boyfriend’s cashmere V-neck jumpers.”

Like New York, London is big a walking city. What was in your shoe arsenal for this trip?
"Half heels and half flats. I used to wear heels every day when I was at Opening Ceremony, but now that I spend more time going to meetings and being on my feet, I've been wearing flats more. I still love heels, and these black, pointy-toe ones are great. They're simple, but the crossover straps make them really interesting. And, they're actually comfortable, which was definitely a nice surprise with heels!"

How is the street style in London different than in New York? 
"There’s a kind of coolness to the way people dress in London that feels very easy and looks good. People are a little more adventurous, like to have a little bit more fun, and will wear something a little bit more crazy without feeling self-conscious."

We heard you have an epic collection of vintage black skirts. Do you thrift and shop vintage often?
"I love vintage, but I don’t love sorting through stuff. I can deal with small shops, like these in Portobello Market, because they feel really organized. I’m not someone who will spend hours rifling through things because I simply don’t have the patience.”

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