Jennifer Aniston's Hairstylist Chris McMillan's Summer Hair Hacks

What are some beauty hair hacks for summer?
Braid the hair and tap it with a flatiron: It gives you the wavy look. If you have thicker hair, create more braids. To get more of a curl, wrap a piece of hair around your finger, curl it up, and apply heat [by clamping a flatiron over it]. Always make sure to use a heat protector. 

What is one thing women forget to do during summer?
Rinse your hair before you go in the pool. Chlorine damages your hair, and the only way to get rid of damaged hair is to cut it. To prevent damage, rinse your hair before you go in the pool, and then rinse it immediately with water after you get out. Take a garden hose to it or jump in the shower. Don’t let pool water dry in your hair."

Let's say you're having a perfect hair day, but then you step outside and it frizzes. What should you do?
Have a ponytail holder and a couple of bobby pins in your purse. Braid it and pull it into a low pony. Or braid it and twist it into a bun. Always carry ponytail holders with you. Emi-Jay ponytail holders are my favorite. You can wear them on your wrist, and they look cute.

Here’s a new scene: You get out of the pool or the ocean and your hair is wet. And you have to go straight to happy hour after. What do you do?
Towel-dry your hair really well, and then add some conditioner. Comb it through with a wide-tooth comb and scrunch it. Let it dry naturally and it’ll look great. You know how when you get a bit tan, [you can] take a shower, put lotion on, and just look beautiful? That’s what this is, but for hair.

What if you have, like, one minute to get ready?
You can also pull your hair into a low ponytail. I love that right now. Right at the nape of the neck, over the ears, with a few pieces hanging out. The messier, the better. High ponytails are what everyone does. The low ponytail is better 

because it still shows off the length of the hair. It has a '70s vibe. You can side-part it or middle-part it. Kind of like Kim Kardashian when she went to have lunch with Valentino. I did it with a low ponytail and a braid. Chic. Simple. Done.

I think most women look best with their natural hair texture, but many fear it.
It’s funny, [I was recently] talking about Olivia Newton-John and Suzanne Somers, and I remember how beautiful they were. They need to stop the Brazilian straightening, which makes their hair flat and poker-straight—like Jennifer Aniston's from the '90s. They should go back to the wavy, curled back, and feathered hair that looks so pretty."

What’s Jennifer Aniston’s natural hair texture?
Naturally wavy. At 40, she knows she doesn’t look good with stick-straight hair. So when we blow-dry it, we make it a little feathered back with a lift. It opens up her face.

The lob (long bob) is a popular haircut right now. What do you think the next big style will be?
I think women are going to start layering hair around their faces. The shag is going to make a big comeback. I think the short-haired girls are going to cut bangs—like the mullet meets the shag. Look at Edie Campbell and her haircut. She’s growing it out, but she’s keeping bangs. And they’re grasping onto the length of the back of her hair. Everyone kind of did the bob thing. I think people are going to start growing the back of their hair and keeping it shaped around their face—a little Farrah Fawcett–y, a little '70s, leaning toward the '80s. A lot of things are really leaning towards the '80s.


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