Is Pick N Dazzle your ordinary beauty box? (Spoiler alert: of course it’s not!)

Pick N Dazzle differs from every beauty box service that you know, because:

A) We focus only on full-size products from high-end and discovery brands.  

B) We do not send the same beauty box to all customers. Our beauty experts look thoroughly at the Beauty Profile of every customer and hand-pick products for her unique personality, beauty issues and style. No two beauty Picks are created alike and none of our customers will receive the same box twice. 

C) We serve our customers long-term, month after month, by selecting products of different types and categories. We serve their daily beauty routine in an easy and convenient way.

D) How we pick our brands? We are selective and curate only the best products in the market. We thrive to consistently deliver high value in our Beauty Picks. In turn, 

we connect highly enthusiastic consumers with the right products and brands.

E) Our customers rate the products they received after every delivery and comment on the products performance. This allows us to keep only the high quality products and to ensure that our product selection is top notch.

Pick N Dazzle is simply a matchmaker for beauty brands and beauty consumers. Our job is to make our customers happy and beautiful, and seeing them get excited about receiving their Beauty Picks every month makes us want to be better and improve every day.

Want to try how good we are at making you beautiful? Need a best friend who is a beauty expert to find the best beauty products for you? Complete your Beauty Profile now and order your first Pick N Dazzle Box.

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