I Wonder, A fantasy locked in a bottle: Release it!

Legend has it that a prince once dreamed of being a butterfly and when he awoke he wondered if he was indeed a prince who had dreamed of being a butterfly or a butterfly that was dreaming of being a prince.

I Wonder’s intoxicating fragrance is redolent of such enchanting visions! Its molecules are inspired by dreams, fantasies and fairy tales! It is like a potion that has the power to transport you wherever your imagination wants to take you, so you can be both a princess and a butterfly and anything your heart desires!

Get lost within the dreamy notes of I Wonder and let them take you to a land of marvels. The aromas of oriental romance and vanilla will open doors revealing magic and send you on a journey through a fairy tail.

The first stop is a thrilling immersion within a cloud of pineapple, lemon, star anise and lily.  The opposing scents of pineapple and lemon clash to start a fire! Its volatility is invigorating and bids the pictures in your mind to come to life: sweet and sour wed to fuel your imagination! The romantic redolence of lily and the spicy, candied bitterness of star anise add colours to your daydreams, intensifying the enchanting qualities of the perfume.

The heart of this journey dwells within a garden of floral mystique, composed of the elegant notes of rose, jasmine, almond and liquorice.

Jasmine’s tropical notes and rose’s sweet, passionate perfume create a strong sense of unfettered spirit and finesse, 

whilst the almond and liquorice wrap a veil of bitter-sweet enigma around it. 

This special mixture settles into the aroma of vanilla nights in the orient. The cocktail of tonka bean, heliotrope and vanilla is intoxicating and mysterious and remains long after the first two layers have dried down to echo, reminiscent of a world of make-believe.

The multi-layered scents of tonka bean and heliotrope give the final notes of I Wonder its mysterious qualities: hints of sweet cherry, cinnamon and almond spice remind of hot, aromatic summer nights. The mellow notes of vanilla give the concoction the subtle redolence of a romantic trance.

Make a wish upon the stars and let the magic drops of I Wonder drive your imagination wilder still. Give in to a cosmos of fantasies, live a thousand lives within a fraction of a second: become Cinderella with the handsome prince and fancy shoes or Sleeping Beauty awoken by the lips of her dreamy suitor; fly upon Aladdin’s magic carpet; dive within the deepest seas and fly above the highest mountains!

Imagination is the divine spark of the universe passing through us: let I Wonder rekindle yours! Jump down the rabbit hole and sweep across the starry skies on your way to fairy visions. Let I Wonder be your magic-carpet flight there!

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