How-To: Unpack Our Tantalizing Gorgeous Box

The stylish golden bag that is waiting for you under the Christmas tree, the pale red box on your birthday — there's something about a surprise that's really awesome. It almost doesn't matter whether there's a diamond ring inside or just a pair of your favourite socks; the thrill of scoring something unexpected is one of life's little pleasures. And that's exactly why our beauty service is all around. Your personal beauty Picks are different and exciting every time, a variety of makeup, hair, nail, fragrance, and skin-care products delivered right to your door and while they're not free, the products inside worth several times that much, and unlike other beauty box services, our Picks are full size products. 

So what’s not to like? You just have to fill out your Beauty Profile so the products you receive are tailored to your needs and are selected for you and you only by our talented beauty experts who like all those bottles of perfume and face cream so much that they've turned their passion into a career with more that 20 years of experience.

Here’s what you can expect from the Pick N Dazzle’s beauty adventure. After you fill out your Beauty Profile you just have to wait a few more days for your Picks to arrive. Our delivery service is fast as a Ferrari so you won’t wait for too long, we promise! ‘Ordered yesterday, received today’, that’s kind of our style and that would be just the first of many surprises.

You will receive your personal beauty Picks packed in our courier packaging so we are all sure that the gorgeous box inside is untouched and without a scratch! 

After you remove the first packaging, you will see it - Pick N Dazzle’s hot pink box is almost like a piece of art and is full with beauty goodies, which will serve your beauty routine like a faithful dog.

Your Picks are secured with a special one time use label that will break once tampered. Again, this is a simple trick by which we are 100% sure that no one ransacked your beauty box and you will be the first to unpack and experience the delightful beauty adventure called Pick N Dazzle. 

Once you remove the label, you will notice that there's a box within the box! Surprise!.. Or if we have to be honest, we just wanted to extend your excitement and make you a bit nervous, but in a good way. No problem, you will thank us later.

After all this unpacking, everything is in your hands literally. Jump from joy, scream, test the products all in one time, share with us and within our community whether you’re satisfied. Tell us if we totally got you with those beauty goodies or if we missed to include your favourite makeup.

Every feedback matters and each and everyone of our customers is important. Since we truly enjoy serving you and you’re our main inspiration, we will do our best and more in order to evoke a gamut of emotions and feelings - from excitement and joy to happiness and fulfilment. 

Want to be part of our Dazzling community? Fill out your Beauty Profile to get the best products tailored to your wallet, skin and hair type, and your preferences! 

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