How to Turn Broken Lipstick Into Tinted Lip Balm

All it takes is one other ingredient and a little microwave time, so stop crying over spilt lippy, let's do the work. What you need is:

1. Broken lipstick

2. Approx. 1 tbsp shea butter

3. A small microwaveable bowl

Step 1: Using a popsicle stick, coffee stirrer, cuticle pusher, or whatever else you have on hand, scoop out the rest of your lipstick and put it in a small microwaveable bowl. 

Step 2: Math time: Use about twice as much shea butter or cocoa butter as the lipstick (for us, it was about 1 tbsp). Add it to the lipstick in the bowl. 

Step 3: Nuke it in the microwave for about 10-20 seconds, until about half of the mixture is melted. Remove, and stir until the lumps have dissolved. 

Step 4: Wait a minute or so until the mixture cools and thickens a little bit, but is still pourable. Take your empty lipstick tube and twist it so that the inner tube that actually holds the lipstick is as far down as it can go. Carefully pour the mixture in. 

Step 5: Pour any extra liquid into an old lip balm container, or an old Altoids tin.

Step 6: Pop them in the fridge, upright, for a couple of hours to let the mixture solidify. Aaaaand swipe it on! Look at that luscious pout.


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