Trying to tease too much hair at a time is the number one mistake beginners make. Start with small section of hair, teasing it at the roots, then work your way around the crown, flipping each section of hair forward when you’re done with it. Once you’ve finished one row, work your way back, again, teasing small sections at a time. I save my sides for last since they usually need just a small amount of teasing.

1. Start a few inches in front of where you want your volume to be. I used to start teasing right at the crown, leaving me with a flat crown and puffy back-of-the-head. Now I know that in order to get sassy crown volume, I basically need to start back-combing the hair right behind my bangs.

2. Go big! It’s easier to brush out extra volume (is there such a thing?) than to add more once you’ve finished teasing. Voluminous hair styles are dramatic and attention-getting–don’t be afraid!

3. Practice makes perfect. Like any skill, teasing takes time to master. Watch videos on YouTube, try a few different combos of product and combs and in no time you’ll be pumping up the volume like a champ.

Don’t be such a tease! What tips did we miss?


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