How to Properly Groom Your Eyebrows at Home

There are so many ways to style and shape your brows that it can feel kinda staggering. No two brows are the same, which means the journey to getting the “ideal” eyebrows is going to look a little different for everyone. So how exactly can you get perfectly plucked brows every single time? Well, thankfully you came to the right place! Check out our top tricks, which will really make your eyebrows stand out.

1.Align your brows with your face shape.

When it comes to your brows, there are a few set of rules you should be aware of before you pluck away your arches. Use a brow pencil as a guide to help you find the beginning, end, and arch of your eyebrows. The beginning of your brow should start right where your nostril begins. Hold the pencil vertically against the bridge of your nose and on top of your nostril to help you find the starting point. To find your arch, place the pencil on the tip of your nose and angle it straight across your pupil. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s where your natural arch lies should be. Finally, to find the end of your brow, simply take the pencil, at an angle, and place it against the end of your nose and eye. If the tail end of your brow hits the place where the pencil ends, then your eyebrows are the perfect length.

2. Tweeze after you shower.

While we all know that tweezing can be really painful , there’s a way to make the whole process a lot less insufferable. After taking a hot shower, grab your favorite pair of tweezers, and pluck your eyebrows. The warm water helps open up the follicles, which allows the hair to be pulled out much easier.

3. Tweeze in the direction of your hair growth.

If you see a tiny black hole where you just tweezed, it means you didn’t pluck the whole hair follicle. 

To prevent this next time, tweeze in the direction of your hair growth so you can capture the whole strand with ease.

4.Trim your eyebrows.

Keep your eyebrows looking fresh by trimming the front part of your brows. Brush the front of your eyebrows straight up and carefully trim the extra uneven hairs. Then, brush the tail end of your eyebrows toward the inner part of your brow and slightly trim those hairs, too. Whatever you do with the scissors, please be careful!

5. Don’t use a magnifying mirror.

Plucking your eyebrows with a magnifying mirror is actually one of the worst things you can do. The mirror can be misleading and make you believe you have more hair follicles than you actually do, which can lead you to accidently over plucking your hairs—and no one wants to play that game.

6. Fill in the spaces.

To get the best brows possible you can just fill them up with a favorite product. First, find a color that complements your brows and lightly stroke in the direction of the hair growth. Try to focus on filling in your arches—natural eyebrows are usually darker in that area. The beginning of your brows tend to be lighter and more spread out.

Experts recommend: Miss Cop eyebrow shaping kit 

7. Get some glitter.

To elevate your brows, it’s never a bad idea to add some dimension. Use a highlighter right below the arch and run it along till the end of the tail. This will help illuminate your brows and really make them pop!

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