How to slow ageing

Exactly like taxes, ageing is something we just can’t avoid, no matter jogging, Spinning classes, and green juices notwithstanding. However, you can keep the effects of ageing at arm's length, enjoying many more vibrant, healthy years looking fabulous than generations before. In the next few paragraphs our beauty experts summed up the most effective products which will help you hold back the hands of time.

If you used to think that hand creams could only give you temporary relief, not really heal, you would be amazed by Vita Age AURUM Regenerating, Anti-Age Spot Hand Cream, because it really repairs your hands, not (only) makes them softer. It stimulates the epidermis, assists in renewing cells deep down, and rejuvenates thin, fragile skin on the hands. The effectiveness of the treatment is due to the synergy of a special blend of active ingredients with re-epithelializing and lightening action: the result of the latest scientific research.

Vita-age AURUM Hand Cream is a nourishing and protective cream, with UVA and UVB sun filters and vitamins, which regenerates, moisturizes and reduces the intensity of dark age spots. Thanks to the presence of stabilized cultures of the stem cells of Leontopodium alpinum (edelweiss), it performs a very powerful antioxidant, regenerative and cytoprotective action. The lightening extract of Satsuma Mandarin diminishes already existing melanin pigmentation marks and prevents the formation of new ones.

"This is hands down the best hand cream I have ever used," one of our customers declares. “The creamy and rapidly absorbed texture makes my hands way more velvety and delicately perfumed.” 

The Vita Age AURUM Ultra-firming Regenerating Body Cream is here to pamper the body. A formula rich in active cell ingredients with extraordinary biological properties which help restore the skin's youthful density and elasticity. Moisturizing and nourishing, this comforting body cream instantly smoothes away lines, leaving skin soft, satin-smooth and supple.

Vita Age AURUM Ultra-firming Regenerating Body Cream contains Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid to support loose skin, and extracts of stem cells of Leontopodium alpinum (edelweiss), a cell concentrate with extremely powerful regenerating properties which stimulates cell cohesion. Ceramides and Resins enhance dermal-epidermal cohesion, giving the skin a decidedly more compact and firm appearance.

This genuine rejuvenating treatment for the body should be massaged in daily until completely absorbed, particularly after a bath or shower. “I only used it for a few days, but right away it made my skin feeling young and fresh. It's a nice, thick cream and it doesn't take much to get all the moisture my skin needed”, says a happy customer who already received tried the product. 

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