How to shape your short nails correctly

While we've always been pretty good at painting nails, even with our non-dominant hand, they never look as good as they would after a salon manicure, and we think that is largely because we're not good at shaping them. Do we cut them with a nail clipper first? Can we go back and forth with the nail file? How do we make them neither square nor round, but something in between? How do we make them even? These are the questions we ask ourselves.

Our nail shaping endeavors are further complicated by the fact that the nails sometimes are usually both short and thin. We just don't choose the hands we're dealt in life, ya know?

Fortunately, we found this very in-depth tutorial by an actual nail technician, who explains and demonstrates how to do the short, square-with-round-edges shape we're looking for, and how not to damage your nails in the process.

She also makes the whole nail-shaping process seem so simple that we almost feel like an idiot, but we think that's what we needed. The key, it seems, is filing flat first, and then at an angle.

Watch the vidio here.

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