How to Salvage Your Broken Blush

You know the feeling — you pick up the compact, adrenaline racing, and carefully open it. If it's intact, you breathe a sigh of relief. If not . . . your heart breaks into a million pieces, just like the blush. All is not lost, though. You have two options: you can reset the powder or transform it into something totally new.

To reset, mix a small amount of rubbing alcohol into the blush. There's no correct amount, just add little by little until the product has fully absorbed it. Then stir the blush with a toothpick. The shards should turn into a paste as you mix it. Once all chunks are fully smoothed out, flatten your mixture as best you can, and let it set overnight. The blush should be totally restored (though it might not look as cute as before), and it will work just as it did before the damage.

To transform it, take whatever blush fragments you can save and put them into a small resealable jar, crushing any pieces so it becomes a finely milled powder. Add a small amount of petroleum jelly, adding more as needed to convert your powder blush into a cream formula. Vaseline seriously works wonders!

These two processes work on bronzers, eye shadows, and just about any pressed powder product you can think of, but we recommend avoiding this process entirely by getting a soft, cushy rug for your bathroom.


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