How to Keep the Love Alive this Season

Whether you’ve been dating for a couple of months or have been married ten years, a relationship needs constant attention in order to stay strong and grow.

It’s easier to get stuck in a rut in the autumn and winter, when all you’d like to do is order takeout, stay under the covers, and watch entire seasons of the Great British Bake Off. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but if you and your partner want to spend quality time together, sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone.

You may know about the 80/20 rule: do what’s familiar 80% of the time, and challenge yourself to try something new just 20% of the time. That sounds doable, right?

It is possible to make an effort and be adventurous even in the cold season, and even if you stay at home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

If you and your partner share an interest in food, you can create an experience around it.

Make a date night and go on a dining adventure. Try a different cuisine, like Indian or Thai. Order something spicier and more unfamiliar than you normally would. Even if it doesn’t become your new favorite dish, going somewhere new with your partner is a way to bond and make memories.

Later, you can remember the night you almost cried because of how hot that curry was, and you’ll be able to laugh about it.

Even more fun would be to take a cooking or baking lesson. 

Getting your hands dirty and creating something together will make you feel like you’re a team. It’s also a great way to show your partner that you’re learning and improving, and can continue to surprise them.

You may find yourself talking to each other more: we often connect most when concentrating on an activity together.

This autumn may be the time to challenge yourselves and try swimming lessons or an indoor wall-climbing session. Love favors the brave. Do something that scares you, and overcoming your fears together will certainly strengthen your bond.

Even if you stay home, there are ways to be more intentional. If there is an activity your partner enjoys at home, for example video games, ask them to try doing it together. You may discover a new passion. Similarly, you can share with them an activity that you usually do on your own. 

How about asking your boyfriend to paint your nails? It would be fun, and he’ll learn a new skill!

Finally, just because it’s autumn doesn’t mean looking and feeling our best is less important. It is still essential to exercise and practice self-care. You’ll be more satisfied with your relationship if you’re feeling happy and sexy. Loving yourself does come first!

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