How to choose the best perfume for you

Choosing the right perfume that will set you apart from the rest and make you feel special and unique is not an easy task. Apart from your personal taste, of course, there are a few other things to keep in mind when choosing a perfume.

The season is one of them. You probably know that temperature has a significant influence on the way you perceive perfume. For example, hot weather enhances aromatic notes, while the cold climate makes it difficult to evaporate. This makes choosing the right scent extremely important.

If you want to impress the people around you, you have to carefully choose your perfumes according to the season, after all, no one wears their summer clothes in the winter, right?!

Our Pick N Dazzle experts recommend that you choose your favorite fragrances for each season and show both class and a sense of detail.

Here are our expert tips and suggestions for perfumes to wear during the different seasons:


Fragrance family: greens

Spring is associated with freshness, innocence, and blooming flowers. This is the time when temperatures rise and with them your good mood! The perfume notes that are best combined with spring are fresh, light, and cheerful - such as mint, basil, orange blossom, lemon, and more.

Here are our spring suggestions:

Miss Kay Floral Dream- keynotes: lemon, tangerine, jasmine, orange blossom, lotus flowers, vanilla;

Miss Kay Blossom Bliss Miss- keynotes: apple, water jasmine, lily of the valley, vanilla, musk, patchouli;


Fragrance family: floral

Summer is the season of ripe fruit, beach holidays, and hot weather—the season when we all think about the sea and the long hot summer nights. Choose fresher and cooler scents to achieve the best contrast with hot weather. 

Summer perfumes should also be applied carefully, as their aroma is much more robust due to high temperatures. Famous summer notes are bergamot, rose, jasmine, mimosa, orange blossom, summer fruit, and more.

Here are our summer suggestions:

Miss Kay Ride The Waves- keynotes: sea note, citrus, lily of the valley, water jasmine, cedarwood, musk;

Miss Kay Sun Kissed- keynotes: cucumber, watermelon, rose, violet, pineapple, musk, woody notes;


Fragrance family: wood

With autumn come the lower temperatures, and we finally have some time to rest from all the summer bustle. It brings the peace and satisfaction we need to prepare for the great holidays that lie ahead. Woody scents are best suited for both men and women this season. The notes that go best with your autumn mood are warm and musky, such as patchouli, sandalwood, amber, oakmoss, and more.

Here are our fall suggestions:

Miss Kay Urban Love- keynotes: pear, blackcurrant, jasmine, rose, raspberry, musk, cedarwood;

Miss Kay Forest Mist- keynotes: rose, lemon, white peach, blueberry, purple, musk, white cedarwood;


Fragrance family: oriental

You either love winter, or you hate it. No matter what type of people you are, you should know that winter is the favorite season of perfumes because the cold temperatures help all the delicate and subtle notes to express themselves fully. The best winter perfume notes are vanilla, cinnamon, amber, spices, and more.

Here are our winter suggestions:

Miss Kay Dark Night- keynotes: spices, jasmine, rose, iris, vanilla, patchouli, caramel;

Miss Kay Soft Cuddle- keynotes: rice pollen, milk notes, rose, water jasmine, amber;

Have you already chosen your favorite fragrances for each season?

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