Hello From a Romanian beauty blogger

Hello! My name is Stefana and I am a Romanian beauty blogger. Ever since I discovered the world of YouTube and blogging, my passion for cosmetics, skincare and make-up has lead me to buy and try various new products.

When I first found out about Pick N Dazzle in December, I was extremely excited since the beauty box market in Romania is extremely poor and anything new is worth checking out. However, when I discovered that it is actually a personalized service with 4 full-sized products, I realized we were talking on a whole different level than the rest.

As a person who enjoys discovering new products and engaging with a similar community, I can honestly say that Pick N Dazzle has offered me a 

unique opportunity. I explored the world of quality skincare and make-up brands unknown to most Romanian customers and for that, I am grateful. Bottega di Lungavita, Teeez and Abellie are just a few of the ones I came to know, use and finally love.

What convinced me to get the 6-month membership? First of all, I will always be certain that the products I receive will be chosen according to my tastes, the Beauty Profile is responsible for that. Secondly, I almost feel like I'm receiving presents from a friend since every month the box is different and it caters to my every need. I feel respected as a customer and my opinion is valued because after every delivery, there is a survey to fill in where I can discuss my favourite products and dislikes, if any. 

I could talk on and on about why Pick N Dazzle is such a marvelous choice for any avid beauty lover, but I will just end this by saying that this will surprise you more than you expect.

If you want to give our guided beauty a try, head over to our online shop to place your order. Our beauty experts will guide your personal beauty experience every month!