French In Action

French In Action

L’Action Paris is a beauty brand that has got all your beauty fixes under one roof. From ridding eye bags, to inducing luminous fair skin, to even nail treatment. The brand offers effective and accessible beauty solutions in a convenient format. In addition to the brand’s practical approach to beauty problems, all L’Action products are dermatologically tested, providing safety and assurance for its users.

Bye Bye Mascara and Scar Reducing Oil are just some of the products that our team tested and approved. Have our prayers finally been answered, you ask? Well, here’s what we found out.


The Bye Bye Mascara is an eye makeup wand, a mascara on one end and a liquid eyebrow pencil on the other or in other words: hello, you little precious convenience! Comes in black or auburn, the water-resistant mascara coats lashes with an intense colour. We tested the product on our colleague who got problems with her oily skin, and there were no smudges at the end of the day. On application, the mascara goes on smoothly enough without clumping. It even makes the end of the lashes a bit fizzy. 

The product claims to last two weeks if you don’t put your face under a running shower or come into contact with cleansers. Kudos to you if you can avoid doing so for that long but our team couldn’t hold out for more than 2-3 days at a go (what sissies we are, right?)


We've also tried L’Action’s Scar Reducing Oil Rosa. The promise on the packaging: It takes 3 weeks for results to start to show. We are using it for almost half a month and we are pretty happy about the results. What we love about this product? Well, here’s a list: 

1. Super simple directions on how to use 

2. Great ingredients such as Rosa Canina Fruit Oil

3. The bottle is pretty sleek and very easy to control 

4. We also love the glass bottle of the product

5. Convenient roll-on applicator which makes it super-duper easy to apply on your scars, mess-free! 

Keep in mind that it takes about 10 minutes for the product to get absorbed and completely dry so it is a good idea to apply it at least 10 minutes before you start putting on your makeup. 

That’s all from us for today, folks! Stay tuned for more honest beauty reviews, all the latest tips & tricks, and a bit of gossip. 

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