Dragobete: Welcoming the Spring with Love and Joy

Dragobete is one of the most joyful holidays you’ll ever hear about. So what’s it all about? 

This day is celebrated on the 24th of February each year, in Romania. It’s an old tradition stemming from Dragobete, the son of Baba Dochia (the main character in the Romanian pagan myth about the beginning of spring ), who is celebrated as the God of Love.  

It celebrates love in the time when nature wakes back to life. The holiday is all about being joyous, performing magical love rituals and coming clean about who you love. 

In years past, water from melted snow, known as “fairies snow,” was used for beauty treatments and love spells throughout the year.

Those who take part in the festivities are supposed to be protected from fevers and ill health for the next year. If the weather is nice, girls and boys pick snowdrops and other early-spring flowers for the person they love. 

Over the past few years, Dragobete has once again been increasingly celebrated in Romanian bars as a reaction to the “imported” Valentine’s Day.

After all, to some Romanians Valentine’s day has little to do with local Romanian traditions and is more a mark of the country's modernization rather than the welcome of spring. 

It’s a more charming and joyful holiday and one of its goals is being as positive as possible. The happier you are on Dragobete, the happier you will be throughout the next year. 

Women and men, be they longterm couples or ones still in the honeymoon period, act as nice as possible to each other. Sometimes, women even make spells to make their men fall for them again.

Everyone renews their love and reconnects with each other after the long, cold winter. 

Above all, this is a holiday for happiness and joy. So on the 24th, go out, breathe some fresh air in the mountains and enjoy yourself!

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