Don't know what to pick? Radost does.

Radost Topalova curates Pick N Dazzle’s boxes for Bulgaria, and, over time, she has learned a lot about each customer’s preferences.

Radost knows clients who are allergic to certain ingredients; who are vegan; who prefer a particular brand; or who would like some nail care products in their box – just not nail polish.

Listening to her talk about customers is like listening to someone describe their diverse group of friends.

She makes sure that, when you open your box, you'll think, “This is just what I wanted.”

How does she do that?

First of all, Radost picks a selection of products from different categories, including hair, face, and body care. This way, the customer receives a “complete beauty routine for a given month.”

Of course, there are exceptions. Some clients write in to request makeup-only boxes, and others – like Radost herself – prefer balance of makeup and skin care products. “I’m a sporty girl,” Radost says. Her beauty profile on Pick N Dazzle is set up according to her personal style.

Radost also considers each person’s history. If you specified 3 different lipstick shades you like, and Radost already sent you one, she knows it’s time to pick from the other two.

Over time, Radost has learned to anticipate people’s needs. “I’d include something that [a client] hasn’t had yet, so she can try it,” Radost says. She knows what you would love, even if you yourself aren’t sure and even if it’s something you don’t know about yet.

Radost likes how personal the job is. “It is interesting for me,

because there is no way it could be fully automated. There is always a dose of imagination.”

The algorithm suggests some products, but to craft a program of “complete care” for each subscriber, Radost relies on direct communication, personal knowledge, and intuition.

In designing a box, Radost thinks like the best friend who is picking out a gift for us. In fact, many customers order boxes as gifts, especially for Christmas or birthdays.

Radost herself has ordered Pick N Dazzle for loved ones. The recipients appreciated the surprise, she says, as well as the quality products from brands not otherwise available in Bulgaria. “The effect really is, ‘wow’,” Radost says.

These days, Radost gets all her beauty products from Pick N Dazzle. What, then, can we find in her boxes?

Radost likes cleansing gels, micellar waters, and face creams for her daily routine. She also indulges in body lotions, shower gels, and scrubs, as well as masks and nourishing oils for her hair.

Health is Radost’s priority, and she doesn’t compromise on her own wellbeing. “Even if it’s just 30-40 minutes a day, I always make time for a jog.” She is a good example to her two young sons, who also play sports.

Sport and good food, that is my advice,” Radost says.

With such good judgment, no wonder customers trust her to curate their boxes.

Very few clients choose the option to pick their own products, Radost says. We prefer to trust her expertise – and she continues to dazzle.

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