Cocosolis’ CEO reveals how they create their “heavenly” products

Cocosolis was founded on a deep expertise in natural and organic agriculture. Before starting the skincare brand, Plamen’s companies produced organic grains, vegetables, and even goji berry. One of his projects was growing kale and making healthy kale chips.

This commitment to eco-friendly living and honest, healthy products continues with Cocosolis. Plamen described the perfectionism with which his team sources ingredients. The oils they use are not only organic, but also cold-pressed. Most ingredients are raw, with only some undergoing minimal processing. His team works hard to find suppliers and compare and source the best ingredients globally. The company also continuously researches natural ingredients with proven clinical efficacy.

Each new product is developed and tested for at least a year, until the team finds a highly effective formula with the absolute minimum of additives. The delicious-smelling coffee scrubs popular with Pick N Dazzle customers, for example, took over a year and a half to create.

The other key factor for the brand’s success is their strong visual identity and the sheer pleasure of using their products. Thanks to chief designer Betty Bencheva, Cocosolis’ lush branding and packaging create the impression of spending a lovely day at the beach. Each formula has a pleasant skin feel and leaves the body pampered and glowing.

Pick N Dazzle’s customers’ rave reviews show that they appreciate the luxurious feel of these products.

Ruska calls the sensation of using the coffee scrub “heavenly”, and Manuela confirms that it makes the skin “incredibly soft”. “It’s amazing,” says Nadejda. “And it softens the skin. I use it with the utmost pleasure.”

Cocosolis has devoted customers not only among the organic and clean beauty crowd.

Their products successfully compete on the international cosmetics market and win fans not just because they’re organic, but because their high-quality skincare is a joy to use.

What can we expect next from Cocosolis? They are working on a hair growth serum with active natural ingredients, says Plamen. As a more long-term plan, they aim to bring the brand to all countries in the EU and beyond, and to develop a comprehensive skincare line.

For Plamen, working on the brand has been deeply rewarding. “Regarding my personal experience of doing business in the sphere of natural and organic products, I would say that the people who I’ve had the opportunity to meet and get to know are on a whole different level.

They are incredibly well-meaning and have developed many virtues. They do not want to just live egotistically for themselves. I am very grateful that I can meet people like this every day.”

Part of Cocosoils’ bigger goal is to make the world a little better through their luxurious self-care products.

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