Best Valentine's Dates

It’s the 14th. The time has come for your date and all of a sudden, you’ve realised that the two you have no idea what do! We’ve assembled some of the best ideas and you’re free to pick and combine however you choose.

1. Cook together
You can devise a meal together and have a private and intimate date in your own home. You’ve got no waiter interrupting special moments, no wondering where to go, and the night can proceed easily proceed in any direction you want it to go–without having to wonder how to get home.

2. Couples who spa together, stay together
Go a local spa together and have a day of total relaxation. All your stress and worries will be gone by the time night comes around, and you’ll be super-relaxed for some late-night fun.

3. Truth or Dare
Write out 5 dares each and place them in a bowl. You can choose risqué questions like “What’s  the sexiest fantasy you’ve ever had?” and dare each other to do something unexpected.

4. Go Dancing
Dancing is the language of love and this will be one of the most honest and fiery conversations you’ve ever had. If you have no idea how to dance, you can also go to a dance class and then hit the clubs.

5. Go to the classiest bar in the city
Dress up and look your fanciest. Put on your best make-up, your classiest perfume, and meet in the best bar in the city. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world and like the luckiest couple ever.

6. Split the chores
You can be in charge of thinking up the morning and lunch, and they can be in charge of thinking up what to do in the evening. Each of you can surprise the other with a date, breakfast in bed, and picnic in the park, and an adventurous evening.

7. Chocolate, chocolate everywhere
Make it a night of desserts. Either order some before the two of you meet up, or spend the day browsing every cafe in town and sharing the best desserts you find.

8. Go to a concert!
Rock out and see your favourite band. You’ll go crazy and have a blast, and it will be much more fun to go all out with your favourite person.

9. Nighttime paintball or laser tag
Who’s better at strategy? Men or women? Bet on the game and whoever loses has to do whatever the winner says for the rest of the night.

10. Travel somewhere
Pick a destination and travel somewhere alone together for the weekend. This year Valentine’s day is on Sunday, so you can make it a Valentine’s weekend and see a place you’ve always wanted to visit.

11. Play Model and Director
Choose each other’s clothing for the night (and you can’t refuse the other’s picks) and then film the night from your perspective.

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