ANDREEA SERBAN: My Pick N Dazzle Story

It was 2014, just few days before Christmas, when I read every article about the red box of Pick N Dazzle and about the concept, the products (yes, the good old research I always do!) and the price. At some point, I just clicked "Order Now" and from then on everything have started. I was so much looking for my Picks... What's in the box? It is worth the money? O, wait! What happens if I don’t like the products? What if they don’t fit my preferences?

On Christmas Eve, the postman rang. I took the package and ran upstairs to unpack it. I still remember the joy of opening my first box, and yes, I feel the same excitement every month since. Since that moment, I have my little Christmas Eve every month. After so many months together, I can tell that Pick N Dazzle’s team spoiled me incredibly well. I liked every product; I found new brands; I discovered products that I did not have the opportunity to try otherwise. 

If you look on their website you will see that there are three types of service (I told you about it before). I chose Dazzling Picks because they looked great money-wise and also fit my preferences. The brands in this category are amazing, many of them are natural or organic. During the 6 months of service, I received a Premium Picks box, because I’m a blogger, and frankly they were gorgeous. I was more than happy

with the quality of my Dazzling Picks, but the Premium Picks were top-notch products.

Nowadays, the website has provided its customers with a new functionality, called ‘My Beauty Picks’, where you can rate all of the received products and leave a comment. In addition to the Beauty Profile that you should fill in when you sign in, this functionality will help the Pick N Dazzle team choose only among products you really like and need. You can also choose to receive a particular products and thus, curate your beauty Picks. Using this new tool, I got an eye cream that I needed so badly recently and a treatment for my stressed and dehydrated skin.

In a nutshell, I am more than happy with their beauty service and their fast response when I had questions or concerns. I highly recommend Pick N Dazzle’s service as it is unique for Romania and they offer amazing and unique products. The price of the Picks, although it may seem a bit pricey, is much less than the combined value of the products inside. Not to mention the great surprise you experience every month and the nice selection of products that will fit your beauty routine more than you have ever expected.



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