5 Ways to Get Ready for Valentine's Day

The stores have started playing romantic music, roses are suddenly appearing all over the place, and chocolates are having a discount. You can feel it can’t you? Valentine’s day is coming. You’re going to have to look great, go on a date, and be your most charming and awesome self. Sounds exhausting doesn’t it? Well, contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day can be a very pleasant holiday which you can enjoy with someone you love (or like very much), just as long as you prepare yourself a little but before the actual day.

1. Exercise

Run, walk your neighbours dog, do a couple of crunches! I know you’ve most likely abandoned any semblance of a New Year’s resolution, but it’s a good idea to get moving in the week before the big day. You’ll have a natural glow about you because blood will be flowing to your skin and bringing much needed nutrients with it. Also, you’ll feel better and happier (which we all know is the easiest way to be charming). Exercise releases endorphins and neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin which will help you sleep better, cheer you up, and calm you down if you’ve been stressed.

2. Use a serum

Even if it’s already Valentine’s day, you still have time for a quick pick-me-up. Serums bring a lot of nutrients to your skin and quickly hydrate it so you can look amazing even if you don’t have much time.

Some serums exfoliate and others help moisturize, so you can use the one that’s the most appropriate for your skin. We’ve got serum for all sorts of skin issues, from dullness to aging.

3. Choose your outfit a day earlier
Spend some time two or three days before your V-Day and choose what you want to wear. Experiment with your clothes and if you’re still not pleased with what you have, go shopping or borrow something from a friend. It’s never good to be freaking out about your outfit on the day of your date. Chances are it might not be clean, you’ve lost it somewhere, or you simply will not be able to decide when you have an hour to prep and be gorgeous.

4. Wash your hair the day evening before

This tip comes straight from the French. A majority of French woman will wash their hair the day before an important event so that they get no surprises on the actual evening. In addition, that way you’ll have enough of your natural hair oil to prevent it from becoming frizzy and it will have a more natural and sexy look to it.

5. Relax and enjoy yourself

There’s no point in stressing yourself out to infinity about your look if you can’t even enjoy yourself. Remember, this evening is about spending quality time with someone you enjoy being with and getting to rock your glam, even if by day you have a boring desk job.

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