How to Fight the end of Summer Depression?

The end of summer has come, and it seems that the fact that the sun is setting earlier is not enough, but "back to school" advertisements won’t stop reminding us that it is time to put away our swimsuits.

Many people become depressed and sad at the thought of the upcoming fall, but Pick N Dazzle experts are here for you and have prepared some astonishing tips for dealing with autumn depression.

But before we move on to them ...

Do you know that?

Seasonal depression is not just an imaginary state but a real diagnosis. "Seasonal affective disorder (SAR) is a specific type of depression affected by changes in light each season. The difference usually starts in October and November, when the day becomes shorter. When spring arrives, the symptoms typically dissipate. Sometimes, however, the opposite can happen - they appear during the summer months. "(source-

Start planning your new activities

We all know how distracted and busy we are during the summer season - vacations, holidays, traveling, family meetings... Autumn weather will allow you to find your new hobby at home, watch a favorite movie, or start a new TV series. One more thing, walks become much more pleasant when the temperatures drop, and a slight pleasant autumn breeze appears.

Take out your favorite seasonal clothes

There is hardly a woman who does not enjoy spending a whole day in her wardrobe. Arrange your clothes, remember your favorite autumn blouses from last year and prepare them for use! Don't forget to point out a few outfits you can't wait to wear!

Enjoy the change of colors

Go to the park where you like to walk the most and admire the unique art of nature. The colors of plants and trees will change with each passing day, and all you have to do is enjoy this colorful palette. Take a friend with you and make a lot of new sunset themed photos; I promise they will turn out unique!

Take out the warm blanket

One of the most significant advantages of calmer weather is sleeping peacefully and always with your favorite blanket. 

Now is the time to take it out of the bottom of the wardrobe, freshen it up and prepare it for the long cozy evenings in front of the TV.

Get new products

There is a wide variety of products on the market, selected specially and individually according to the season. Pamper yourself with a new face or hair care kit. And why not both?

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Start keeping a diary

The end of summer is often associated with university, school, more work and tasks. These things will probably make you feel tense and confused, but that can be easily changed. Start recording your tasks for the day/month in an organizer and plan your days. At the end of each day, make a note of what you have done and what is left for the next day. That way you will be able to follow your progress and remind yourself that you are one wonderful, productive lady. Start planning your days today with My Infinity organizer and enjoy your perfectly ordered days.

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