3 Tips on Preventing Hair Damage in the Summer

3 Tips on Preventing Hair Damage in the Summer

I adore hair! Female hair, cat hair, male hair, yeah you know it! All in all, nothing looks as good on a person as a good head of hair! I love my hair and it is the part of my body that I devote the most time and resources to – seriously you should see my bank transactions break down!

Naturally I spend a lot of time researching hair care, digging out the best products and overall being so informed that I can literally taste when it’s really time to panic – ammonia based hair dyes, too much blow drying, curling iron…it’s like a horror film!

 Now, I assume most of you are much saner than I in this respect, although lets face it – the crazy bar’s raised pretty high, so I decided to simply share my three top tips for keeping your tresses away from danger this summer!


Let your hair down this summer, ladies! Literally as well as metaphorically! All hair starts from follicles in the layer of skin called the dermis, which is under the epidermis, which is the visible part of your skin.

So on its way up through the layers the hairs are supported by these tiny muscles called erector pili muscles. These muscles have a temperature-regulating role. Tightly tight hair tends to interfere with their action!

Not to mention, that if your skin is dry, pulling on your hair can tear and damage it. So be a beautiful, free-spirited hippie this summer and let those locks run wild! It’s feminine and sexy!

And if you really want to tie it, why not resort to a loose, messy ponytail! In fact that might reduce the surface area of hair exposed to the sun!


Here’s one more thing to be a bit more hippie about - lay off the frequent washings for the season. Normally I only wash my hair every 4 days, I can here you “ewing” but honestly, it works!

Lets go back to hair going all the way up through those layers of skin before it breaks through and forms, what we call, the hair shaft. So each hair follicle is buddied up, so to speak, with a gland that produces sebum.

Sebum is that oily substance that lubricates the hair shaft, and your skin. So when sebum and sweat combine, they form a protective mantle, which is not only antibacterial and protects from infections but it also acts as a natural moisturiser.

When you wash your hair, you get rid of the sebum, even more when you wash it often and with aggressive shampoos. Your hair needs that sebum to stay strong and healthy, so try to wash it less frequently and go for a nourishing shampoo like Linfa Age’s Intensive Nourishing Shampoo.


It combines the natural ingredients and oils such as olive waxes, wheat oil, germ oil, plant ceramides and carrot extract. It forms a protective sheath around the hair that defends it from hostile environmental conditions such as heat and cold.

It is suitable for hair that is weakened by heat treatments, hair dyes and prolonged sun exposure! Perfect for the summer!


Always use conditioner after your shampoo. Conditioner is an indispensable part of hair care throughout all seasons. The sebum doesn’t reach the ends of your hair so they are more prone to drying and splitting.

Bulgarian Rose’s Hair Balsam takes its powers yogurt, natural rose water and argan oil amongst others. It is recommended for extremely dry and damaged hair and is therefore perfect for the hot months of the summer.

UV rays are harmful to your hair as well as your skin, therefore keeping it hydrated is of vital importance.

 A small trick is to leave in some of the conditioner before going for a swim, and moistening your hair before you dive into the water. 

Water moves through osmosis – it goes from where there is a lot of it, to where there is less of it, which means that if you jump into a chlorinated pull with completely dry hair it will absorb a lot of chlorine, because that water will rush straight in!



Use serum, oil or crystals to provide additional hydration. Crystals are a great finish to a hair wash. A few tiny drops make the hair silky and dazzling!


Bulgarian Rose’s Liquid Disperse Crystals combine the action of rose and argan oils to nourish and strengthen the hair! The crystals also provide UV protection, which is great for the season. The hydrating effect keeps the ends safe and sound from splitting.

And now, for two more tiny suggestions: why not try a good hat look this summer, it’s a great stylish way to keep the sun away from your locks and your face; and why not rush over straight to our Beauty Profile section and find out what else we can offer to help keep you dazzling and healthy this summer!


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