3 Super Expensive Celebrity Beauty Treatments

3 Super Expensive Celebrity Beauty Treatments

There's a lot of pressure on women in Hollywood to stay ever so young and beautiful. How well they pull that off, often dictates their professional successes and the levels of confidence they exude in the public eye.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that so many of them are resorting to cutting-edge cosmetic treatments that cost them thousands of dollars a month! Now, for them that's an affordable investment that does seem to work!

Have you seen Jennifer Aniston lately? Are you, like me, beginning to think she's secretly a vampire with a really good tannist on call? Aren't you jealous?

I know I am, and I'm only 25, but damn the woman looks good! Sadly, us normal mortals can't exactly splash out a grand a month for face cream with Mars crystals (yes Mars as in the planet...again, nod to miss forever-young Aniston!).

So here's 3 outlandishly expensive, off-the-wall, slightly 'should-we-worry-about-their-sanity' treatments that these 3 gorgeous women resort to in order to remain forever young and stunning; and 3 excellent product suggestions from Pick N Dazzle, that us mortals can afford and that are just as good, not to mention nowhere near as gross as snails on your face (yes, that is a real facial treatment).

The products I've selected are by Kueshi. Yes, I must I admit, I do have a little crush on this brand, but it is only because they are so good!



Snail slime has been known for its skin nourishing qualities all the way back in ancient Greece, it is packed with proteins and it is praised for its effective treatment of inflammation, acne, and scars. It came to Hollywood from Thailand, the country of spa-treatments and natural beauty, and spread like pandemics!

At first it constituted of the application of live snails on the face, and letting them walk around and release their mucus directly onto the skin. I was going to show you a picture of it but thought against it, let's keep it easy on the eye! Trust me, it ain't anywhere near that!

In 2013 Katy Holmes admitted to being a fan of nail slime treatments and they went viral!

Anyway, it's been some time since the snail-facial entered the Hollywood spotlight and today it is often done without the slimy creatures taking a stroll on you face, however it comes at a hefty price – between 100 and 600 dollars per 45 minutes to an hour.

But don't let your jaws hit the floor just yet because here's a wonderful alternative!


Kueshi's Regenerist Emulsion Cream is filled with snail extract and we have it right here! It's used for prevention of premature skin ageing and comes enriched with aloe vera, roseship oil and vitamin E!

Boy I wish Katie knew about this!



Now, would you pay to have some sneak venom spurted on your face? No? Are you sure, it is meant to stop the clock for your skin, according to Gwen Paltrow who spends hundreds of dollars for snake venom facials and even treats her 11 year old daughter, Apple, to them!

It sounds crazy right? Or just crazy effective, don't know, you'll have to try it for yourself!

Don't be scared, it does not involve sneaks crawling around on your face! Phew! Thank goodness for that, right? But it does come at a two-months-rent price tag! It is designed to be a botox alternative and Gwen even uses it in cream form, as an active ingredient in her chosen moisturiser, which costs, perhaps, half your monthly rent! But don't shed those tears just yet, because Kueshi have thought even of you snake venom enthusiasts out there!

Their 3 Way Care Anti wrinkle Cream has sucked in all the snake venom goodness inside its gentle, youth-inducing formula! It is good for all skin types and helps eliminate and prevent wrinkles. Just awesome! I think I better drop Gwen a line and save her a few bucks!



And here comes Mrs Brat Pitt, the most beautiful woman in Hollywood – Angelina Jolie. Her name sounds angelic and she looks like an angel. However, even she is not excluded from the all-too- human experiences of tax and time! Now, we don't know how she's doing tax-wise, but we know for sure that she's doing amazingly with defying the effects of time!

Mrs Jolie-Pitt has her own off-the-wall tricks that help her stay radiant and ever so youthful! Wonderful Angie is a fan of La Praire's Cavier luxe cream that costs 710 dollars! Frankly, I didn't even know face cream so expensive existed. Shocking! Here's an alternative that will not bankrupt you: Kueshi's Nutrix Caviar line: Serum, Face Ccream and Eye Cream.

The caviar packed formula of these products is also enriched with essential oils and Vitamin E. Caviar is a popular ingredient in the fight against signs of ageing and you don't have to starve yourself for a year to afford caviar based facial products!

Now, if you want to experience the benefits of these products, and more, pop over to our Beauty Profile section. So that the only thing on your face that gives away your age is the wisdom in your eyes, and never the bags or lines under them!


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