3 Must-Have Pick N Dazzle Products

3 Must-Have Pick N Dazzle Products

Now that your best friend’s birthday is drawing near, yet another chance presents itself for you to drop a few spirited puns about old people and senile ailments, however you might want to think of some nice shock-absorbing presents to accompany your old-age banter.

So here’s a thought, reach out for some Pick N Dazzle products to surprise your pal! Why, Pick N Dazzle? Well because we’ve got some pretty cool, off-the-wall cosmetics and beauty accessories that you won’t easily find on the high street or at your local drugstore.

Us ladies love being pampered, so a present comprised of carefully selected quality cosmetics can only ever lead to a win-win situation. And if you do happen to go a little overboard with the old-age jokes, you can rest assured that your awesome presents will guarantee you’ll be forgiven!

Without further ado, here are a few humble suggestions from me (…that I would love to find “under the tree” on my birthday –hint-hint- any of my friends reading? Just saying.):


This is a priceless addition to anybody’s beauty-products collection! It is perfect for delicate skin that makes finding cleansing products that do not irritate it a challenge, and it is especially convenient for ladies that love heavy eye-make up.

GLOV is a technological miracle made of nano fibres one hundred times thinner than a human hair, and thirty times thinner than a cotton fibre. Due to their enormous surface area to volume ratio, nano particles have special properties.

This is exactly what makes this cloth probably the most effective make up remover on the market: it only takes moistening it with water to effectively remove any make up without smudging it. The fibres almost literally “suck it in” and “trap” it. Kind of in the way magnets attract paper clips.

GLOV is convenient and a real gem to have! You might even want to grab one for yourself!

Next on my list are Vivian Gray’s luxurious cosmetics!

The brand offers high-quality skin care products that come wrapped in splendour and luxury! 


They make shower gels, body lotions, hand creams, soaps etc.

Their products have gentle, hypnotising aromas that do not irritate delicate skin and make up for a real special experience.

These dazzling bottles adorned with rocks will tastefully add to the décor of any bathroom. A must-try brand!

My last suggestion comes from the nail-care innovator Sally Hanson Cosmetics!


Drum roll! This is nail varnish gel that can be done at home and does not require any special professional equipment! It’s stays on for up to 14 days.

The product comes in over 70 different shades and in two bottles. The first one gives the colour and the second one is the gel that seals it all together for two wonderful weeks!

Professional work done at home and for a lot less money! What more could you want?

I hope you consider these a fashionable addition to a friend’s present or even as a present to yourself! Alternatively, you can sign yourself up, or why not even your friend, for Pick N Dazzle’s Beauty Profile service and get even more product suggestions, individually selected.

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