3 Hottest Summer Trends According to Giorgio Armani

3 Hottest Summer Trends According to Giorgio Armani

Between the sweltering heat, humidity and sweat, sometimes it’s easier for us to just throw in the towel, slap on some sunscreen and call it a day, right? Wrong! You can still turn heads this summer, without going overboard on the makeup. Don’t believe us? Check out these three trendy summer looks, courtesy of Giorgio Armani, that are low-maintenance while still delivering stunning results! 

The Armani Signature Glow

Even if the focus is not on their makeup products, it seems that every Giorgio Armani ad and runway show has one very common theme: great skin. It looks like everyone involved has been touched by a magical skincare wand that transforms your complexion into a radiant, flawless canvas. In learning the brand’s secret formula to this perfect-looking skin, we found out that it’s not about piling on the products. Armani is all about making your skin glow from within (and then giving it a little boost with makeup.) Find out how to get this flawlessness!

Step 1: Get the glow going naturally by applying the Regenessence Youth Regenerator all over the face and neck.

Step 2: Prep the skin (and minimize pores) with a smoothing and refining primer.

Step 3: Using a foundation brush or beauty blender apply the foundation, which leaves your skin looking more even and silky-smooth (duh).

Step 4: Round out the look with a little extra radiance, more commonly known as strobing. This consists of using a highlighter brush or a beauty sponge to apply Fluid Sheer to the temples, cheekbones and bridge of your nose. This will make your skin really glow naturally without looking greasy or overdone.

Bold Eye Look

Forget the sun! Vibrant, show-stopping eyes are really heating things up this summer and Armani is all over it. The brand recently debuted their revolutionary new Eye Tints that deliver bold, pigmented color with just the swipe of a wand. Find out how to get bright and beautiful eyes using these fabulous tints (and a few other miracle workers).


Step 1: Get the perfect frame for those gorgeous peepers by filling and shaping your eyebrows. Use an angled eyeliner brush to help get the most sharp and precise shape possible.

Step 2: Swipe the Eye Tint on your entire lid and gently blend it in with a shadow brush. If needed, repeat this process to build the color depth you want.

Step 3: Grab the Eye Tint #5 and apply it to the outer corners of the eye. Buff it out with your finger so the color transition is seamless.

Step 4: Finish the look right with the Black Mascara to give your eyes one final touch of drama.

Natural Glow

We’re all about au naturel looks that showcase your lovely, natural self. Armani gets it too, which is why they created revolutionary skin care that allows your face to go nude without feeling self-conscious. Check out the brand’s take on killer no-makeup makeup.

Step 1: Show your skin some two-in-one action by working the Crema Serum all over your face and neck.

Step 2: Add a little glow to your supple mug by applying the Crema Nuda in Medium Glow. Blend it in with your fingers or beauty sponge.

Step 3: Give your face a chiseled look, by contouring the cheeks. Use an angled blush brush or contouring brush to gently dust the powder onto the hollows of the cheeks (right under the cheekbones).

Step 4: Give your pout some subtle, neutral color by swiping on lipstick. 

Source: www.makeup.com

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