10 Looks You Need to Try in Your 30s

10 Looks You Need to Try in Your 30s


It's happened to the best of us: After finishing your go-to smoky eye on a Saturday night, you glance in the mirror and realize all that black sooty powder just isn't as cool and Kate Moss-y as it once was. Black can start to look "too dark around the eyes," says makeup artist Nick Barose, "even a little mean." Instead, swap in a softer, eye-brightening shade, like a bronze-plum and pair it with a "youthful peach lipstick," à la Alexa Chung.


In your 20's, you grew it superlong, ironed it to death, and maybe even dyed it purple. Doesn't your hair deserve a break? Enter the lob, the haircut that falls between the jaw and the shoulders. Whether you're more into playful textured waves or prefer to keep your hair sleek and polished, this versatile haircut is superflattering. It's also long enough to twist into a chignon. Another bonus: "Cutting dry or damaged hair above the shoulders makes it look much fuller," says hairstylist Matt Fugate.


Why save red lipstick for a night out? You've earned the right to wear it to the office, out to lunch with girlfriends, or just to the grocery store. "I love how January Jones wears bright matte red during the day—it's fun and a little bit quirky," says Barose. And leave the rest of the face neutral—liner, mascara, and a little highlighter on the cheekbones.


"Playful, choppy, and incredibly sexy," is how Fugate describes Jessica Chastain's brow-skimming bangs. Plus, they make any ponytail, braid, or messy topknot look more fashion-y. And if you aren't into fringe yet, consider this: Bangs are a quick, easy, and painless way was to hide any lines on your forehead.


Thirtysomething stylist Julia Restoin Roitfeld is known for her fresh-faced glow. But here's a little secret: "No one's skin is that perfect," says Barose. For a radiant finish that's not too done up, he suggests tinted moisturizer a shade darker than you typically wear, brown eyeliner pressed into the spaces between your lashes, lengthening mascara, and a dewy peachy pink balm, like on lips and cheeks. A tinted moisturizer in a darker shade warms up your skin and gives unevenness a soft-focus effect.


We're not saying you've spotted your first grays (OK, maybe we are), but if you have, consider targeted blonde streaks. Fugate calls the technique "The Gray Sniper": Ask your colorist "to hand-paint bleach where the grays are and throw a couple of highlights around." It's low-maintenance hair color at its finest: "You can't tell where the gray ends and the blonde begins," he says, so you can stretch out more time between color appointments.


Not only is a glossy coat of cherry-red polish on short, well-groomed nails timeless, but top manicurists say bright-red nails make hands look more youthful. But if you have prominent veins in your hands, a blue-based red will draw attention to them. Go for an orange-tinged color. 


You don't have to explain your blue-eye-shadow phobia to us—consider this a safe space for people who remember the 1980s. But take a cue from Kerry Washington: Fears calmed. Her sapphire shadow might be mistaken for black from a distance. "It is an unexpected and elegant jolt of color," says Barose. Brush a deep-blue powder over the lid and extend it just past the outer corner, creating a winged shape.


When skin is lackluster, the answer isn't always self-tanner: Instead, try bright-pink blush, which gives skin a believable, seductive glow. "You want it to look like you just came in from the cold—or had really good sex," says Barose. He recommends a creamy, medium pink that works on all skin tones. Use a tiny bit at first, then build up to your desired intensity. "I like to apply it with my fingers and then use a sponge to diffuse the edges," he says.


Nothing's as effortlessly cool as a rumpled braid—unless it's a braid that's twisted into an updo. "It can be a classic French, a fishtail braid, or whatever you know how to do," says Fugate. "And it doesn't matter if it's tight or messy and falling apart because when you wrap it up in a bun, it looks awesome." If you have short fine hair, like Claire Danes, all is not lost: Clip in a ponytail wrap (that's fancy talk for extensions that look like a ponytail), braid it, and twist it up into a messy knot. Voilà!

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