The Definitive Guide On What Order To Apply Your Makeup

What do you do first: Apply lipstick or focus on eyes? Where does blush come in? Can you get away with putting liner on after mascara? Read below the formula for putting together a perfect face.

Posted on 11/25/2015 10:53:19 AM


After you've finished up your skin care routine, apply a healthy coat of primer to your face. Even if you have dry skin, primer helps keep your makeup on all day so it's an important step. The key is finding a good primer that works for your skin!

Eye Makeup

You can get away with doing your eye makeup after your face makeup if you're using light colors or just doing liner and mascara. When you're using bright or dark colors or doing a bold eye, take care of your eye makeup first. Generally, almost every makeup artist does eyes first to avoid re-doing foundation if they're fallout from applying shadow.


After your eyes are done, apply your foundation be it a liquid, BB cream or powder. 


Everyone is confused as to why you would apply concealer before applying foundation because it makes no sense. If you apply foundation first, it covers up pretty much everything. Whatever isn't covered is where your concealer goes.

Setting Powder

Setting powder (sometimes called powder foundation) is for those who want extra coverage.


If you need more coverage and your skin gets ioly, use foundation and powder. Some people use it and some don't, but it should go on after foundation and concealer. 


Whether you're contouring or just want some extra color on your face, now is the time to apply your bronzer.


Smile big and add some flush to those cute cheeks of yours.

Finishing Powder

Finishing powder goes last IF it's translucent. If you're using a colored setting powder, your bronzer and blush should go after. Most finishing powders are translucent because they're supposed to be a final layer, just make sure to blend them in even though you can't see!


Lastly, apply your lip color. If you use a lot of lip products, you should apply lip liner, then lipstick then gloss.



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