With hundreds of new options available, choosing a fragrance can be overwhelming. Hint: Let your fashion and beauty preferences lead the way. "Like clothing, jewelry, and makeup, scent can speak volumes about a wearer's personality," says Roja Dove, the nose behind Bergdorf Goodman's new Bergdorf Pour Femme perfume. Here, we reveal how to find spritzes you'll love.

Posted on 9/16/2015 9:55:24 PM


If you gravitate toward feminine dresses and feel most confident when your locks are fastened in a chignon, there's a good chance you'll feel comfortable in "delicate, flowery scents blended with smooth and creamy musk," Dove says. Rich rose, lily, jasmine, and peony are popular this season.


On evenings that call for fur-trimmed necklines, strappy stilettos, and look-at-me lashes, a sexy scent is in order. "You'll feel most alluring wearing exotic or spicy smells like patchouli and amber," says Dove. New jasmine and mandarin fragrances are punched up with these, plus intoxicating vanilla and woods that leave a lasting impression.


Are you the understated type who favors tailored monochromatic clothing, streamlined accessories, and minimal make-up? "These women prefer fragrances that are complex but never overpowering and that mix clean, classic scents

like bergamot with sandalwood," which adds warmth, says Dove. Salt and vetiver lend refinement.


The fashion-forward woman who invests in daring designer pieces "will like bold and addictive scents," Benaïm says. Look for potent concentrates (new from Chanel and Dior) or blends with a nod to luxe fabrics like cashmere and leather. Apply sparingly "before you've stepped into your clothes to give your body heat a chance to intensify the base notes," says Dove.


A spontaneous woman is the ideal candidate for a flirty, fruity fragrance. "If her style is casual, she will be attracted to light and fresh scents," explains Benaïm. Citrusy or marine blends with woody notes make the perfect daytime spritz. Seek out grapefruit, raspberry, or water hyacinth top notes with musk, vetiver, or woody bases.

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