3 Ways To Get Gorgeous Hair in Your Sleep

Tired of wasting those precious morning moments doing your hair in the morning? No need to suffer from bad hair day syndrome.

Posted on 10/23/2014 4:30:31 PM

Mario Russo, the owner of Salon Mario Russo in Boston, shows us that a great hair day starts with the right nighttime prep. Here are seven ways you can get ahead of your morning hair routine.

1. Go To Bed With Dry Hair. Water in your hair cuticle makes it more susceptible to splits and breakage as you toss and turn during the night.

2. Brush Out Hair Before Bed. Using a brush with natural bristles, brush hair out before bed starting at the roots and moving down to the ends of your hair. Your scalp produces natural oils that are good for your hair. By brushing your hair you are distributing those oils into your hair to keep it moisturized, shiny and healthier. Additionally, if 

you’ve used a lot of products on your locks during the day, this will help to break them up on your scalp as well as on your strands to prevent buildup.   

3. Switch To A Silk Pillowcase. In order to extend the life of your hairstyle or blow-dry as well as keep damage and breakage at bay, opt for a silk or Egyptian cotton pillowcase. Flannel or cotton sheets cause more friction on hair and over time and will create damage.

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