Love Attack for Men, Adonis’ irresistible magnetism in a bottle

Love Attack for Men, Adonis’ irresistible magnetism in a bottle

Adonis was born from a Myrrh tree and had masculine beauty unheard of till then. This caused the most beautiful Goddess Aphrodite to fall madly in love with him, choosing him as the One amongst her many suitors.

His magnetism was so great that Aphrodite had no choice but to humbly agree to share him with another Goddess. Long after his death, women all over the world still take part in rituals to grieve his death and honour his handsomeness and status as the God of youth and beauty.

Love Attack for Men combines notes that recreate the hypnotism of Adonis’ ravishing looks that no woman could resist and his everlasting flamboyant youth!

The array of aromas within the layers of the cologne relay on the thrill of contrast: the top layer is made of fresh, invigorating notes, whilst the heart offers a comforting, sensual mixture of floral spice, and the base represents the earthy male mystique.

The top layer is a stunning, attention grabbing fusion of mandarin, iced tea, basil, pink pepper and grapefruit.

Mandarin’s sweet, succulent notes are well balanced by the cool sharpness of iced tea and the bitter intense sourness of grapefruit. The scents of sweet spicy pink pepper and intoxicating basil complement the mixture and make it impossible to get enough of.

The heart of the cologne is marked by elegance weaved out of mysterious floral spice: rose, nutmeg and cardamom. The concoction is warm and potent. Nutmeg has a sweet earthy aroma, a subtle oriental character and a strong masculine nature. 

Cardamom has spicy resinous notes that intensify the hot, magnetic edge of the mixture. The fiercely romantic aroma of roses gently sneaks through to tease the female imagination with its fresh floral notes.

This head-turning potion settles on the noble earthiness of vetiver, rosewood and musk. Vetiver has a smoky, woody aroma with traces of dark bitter chocolate, honouring a man’s intense sensuality.

The edgy aroma is balanced by delicate rosewood. With its soft woody smell, gently redolent of roses, rosewood celebrates a real man’s romantic side and his talent and willingness to satisfy his partner’s every wish.

Musk, with its earthy powdery warmth, completes the concoction with notes that leave a fluttering feeling of expectation, exciting a woman’s imagination.

The base makes for a beautiful drydown reminiscent of men’s ability to instil safety, comfort and substance.

Love Attack for Men captures Adonis’ appeal and popularity with the ladies by intensifying your natural charms and making you alluring and irresistible.

The cologne recreates a man’s contrasting nature and balances raw strength and delicacy, love and lust, sexuality and friendship, putting them in their perfect proportions for your best possible success with the opposite sex.

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