Let your skin breathe

Let your skin breathe

How many cotton pads did you use when removing make-up in the old traditional way… 2, 3 or more? And what about all those annoying bottles of make-up remover, milk, gel and other liquids taking up all the space in your bathroom? 

Now you can forget about those inconveniences, because there’s GLOV - purely genius product, created by a start-up based in Poland. For the innovative idea and intensive business activities the company received the Start-Up of The Year 2012 award in Poland.

Two young women entrepreneurs, who are running the company, created GLOV after 2 years of through research and development, because they were bored by bottles of removing make-up liquids and cotton pads. And to be honest - we are bored of them too, it’s so Middle age! That’s why we are more than happy and enthusiastic to have easier and more comfortable way with GLOV Hydro Demaquillage!  

This magic mitt removes even the strong evening make-up and mascara only with cold or warm water. Indeed, only water! It is possible thanks to GLOV fibers created in nano and micro technology, which are 100 times thinner than a human hair. They have a star shape and electrostatic abilities, which help them clean skin surface with micro precision.

The newest science discoveries bring up the issue 

of using too many cosmetics based on chemical ingredients, which have negative influence on the skin and the environment. GLOV is an excellent and smart example of using newest technologies in order to make women’s daily skin care habits more convenient and natural. When using pure water for removing make-up, your skin naturally produces a hydro-lipid barrier. GLOV products are perfect for the most sensitive skin, especially for those who suffer from allergic reactions from certain products. In case of oily skin, GLOV even removes excess sebum leaving your skin clean and fresh.

Last but not least, using GLOV means you don’t generate the waste of plastic bottles and cotton pads. GLOV not only perfectly removes make-up but can do this in two different ways. If you want to feel relaxed before going to sleep, apply warm or hot water on a tissue. You will feel the warming effect of GLOV fibers on your skin. On the other side, if you want to feel fresh and awake in the morning moisten GLOV with cold tap water. Shocking effect guaranteed!

So start appreciating the power of nature - try GLOV and protect your skin against artificial and chemical ingredients!

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